Acupuncture has been used for over 2,000 years to treat acute and chronic pain conditions.  Although effective on it’s own, researchers are finding that using micro current with acupuncture helps heal injuries quickly and completely.  Micro current stimulates the growth and repair of muscle tissue, tendon repair and nerve transmission.  This allows for full healing of all the injured tissues, lessening the chance for the injury or pain to recur.

What is micro current all about?  Researchers have found that electricity is a trigger for healing in the human body.  The low level currents increase circulation of energy and blood and enhance the cell’s ability to heal.  Micro current also helps the body produce more ATP.  Why is ATP important?  When we are injured, our body does not produce enough ATP for healing.  Micro current therapy can increase the body’s ability to produce ATP by up to 300%.  This floods your injured tissue with oxygen and nutrients to create an ideal environment for healing.  The result:  injuries heal quickly and completely.

Micro current is easily used within an acupuncture treatment.  Practitioners can use micro current with the acupuncture needles or use metal probes placed on specific points on the body to stimulate healing in the injured area.  The best part is that micro current is painless.  This allows the practitioner to work on an injury that may be so inflamed that the patient is not ready for acupuncture.  Instead metal probes are placed gently on the body to reduce the inflammation so that the healing process can begin.

This treatment method is effective for back pain, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome and any muscular sprain/strain. Tendons and muscles tissue can heal up to 40% faster with micro current. It can also be used on the face for facial rejuvenation treatments.  Micro current has been shown to diminish fine lines and improve circulation to the face enhancing skin texture and facial color.

Overall, micro current is a great adjunct therapy to use with acupuncture treatment.  It reduces stress and relaxes the entire body.  And for those of us who may be nervous about acupuncture needles, this allows injuries to be treated without needles at all!

Jane Matthews L.Ac has been practicing acupuncture in Breckenridge for the past 8 years.  For more information about micro current therapy or acupuncture, please call 970.470.3347.  237 S. Ridge St in Breckenridge.